SD  Children Size Competition Lashes  (Eyelashes with Glue)

SD Children Size Competition Lashes (Eyelashes with Glue)

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Clearly defined lashes of varying length create a delicate emphasis.

The length of the lashes increases gradually toward the outer edge.

Our lashes are made of acrylic material. Acrylic gives these lashes a glossy and a shiny appearance. These lashes are suitable for children who love a dramatic look because they are outstanding and easily recognized. One advantage of synthetic lashes is that they are durable and can retain the curls for a long period. This means you can reuse our lashes more than twenty times and they will be still in good condition.

If you want to stand out on the stage or if you wish to look glamorous and sexy for a photo shoot, our lashes are good choice. Another advantage is that these lashes do not weaken your natural eyelashes.